Test your Knowledge

1. What is the oldest Breed of horse?

2. What is the tallest breed of horse?

3. How long ago did the 1st horse ancestor show up in history?

4. Who in a wild horse herd makes the decisions?

5. What states in the U.S. are the top 3 in total # of horses?

6. What color of horse has a white main and tail and a golden body?

7. How long is the gestation period of a horse?

8. What is the below dressage movement called (trotting almost in place)?

9. What is the gait pictured below called?

10. How many bones does the average horse have?

11. Who is the Patron Saint of Horsemen?

12. From which grey horse are all grey Thoroughbreds descended?

13. What percentage of water makes up the body weight of a foal?

14. Who wrote the first book on horse training?

15. What do you call the foal of a male horse crossed with a female donkey?

16. What percentage of a horse’s total body weight is muscle?

17. Who said: “A horse, a horse, my kingdome for a horse”?

18. How many false ribs does a horse have?

19. Which breed of heavy horse has no feathers and is always chesnut?

20. How many inhalations per minute should a healthy average horse make in while at rest?

21. What was the name of the Norse God Odin’s horse.?

22. What was Atila the Hun’s horse’s name?